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Privacy Statement

This privacy statement defines privacy aspects specific to the Web site and affiliated Shop SpaceWeather Web servers (referred to as the "Web sites"). Whenever you purchase or register your products with Shop SpaceWeather (“Shop SpaceWeather”), we do not sell, rent, or exchange customer information to other parties. We share identifiable information only with those parties entrusted with the processing of your account and the fulfillment of your order. We have established procedures to protect your privacy, which we uphold. Of course, this policy does not apply to information that we are required to disclose by law, or in cooperation with law enforcement agencies. Customer information is gathered so we can better serve you, and we make an effort to ensure its security and to treat your information responsibly.

When you become a Shop SpaceWeather customer, we ask for your name, address, e-mail address and phone number. Shop SpaceWeather does not collect information associated with your purchase when you shop at one of the merchant Web sites linked to Shop SpaceWeather.

What you purchase is known only to the merchant. We cannot ensure the protection of any personal information that you provide to a third-party site that links to or from the site, as these third-party sites are owned and operated independently. These third-party sites may have their own separate privacy and data collection practices that are beyond our control. Any personal information that you provide to these third-party sites will be regulated by their privacy policy, if any.

Shop SpaceWeather can assume no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the practices, actions or policies of these third-party sites, and cannot be responsible for the content or privacy practices of such sites. Be sure to read the participating merchant's privacy policy to better understand its use of your personal information. From time to time, you may receive mail, e-mail or telephone calls from Shop SpaceWeather, or agents of Shop SpaceWeather, in order to update your account or communicate information which we believe will be of interest to you. At any time, you may request your name be removed from any of these methods of communication. Simply relay your request to a Customer Service Representative and your name will be removed from the appropriate list. We want your experiences with Shop SpaceWeather to be based upon your preferences – always.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What additional information is collected? When you visit Shop, our system automatically notes which browser and Internet Provider (IP) you used for access. We collect this navigational information to help us design our pages, so we can provide the majority of our customers with the best experience possible.

2. What if I do not want to use "cookies?" Most browsers are set to accept cookies. You can, however, set your browser to refuse cookies. You will not, however, be able to use certain services requiring the use of cookie technology.

 3. What steps are taken to keep my personal information private? Your information is sent to us through a "secure session" established with Secure Socket Layer (SSL). This technology encrypts, or scrambles, your account information before it is sent to us, making it extremely difficult for anyone other than Shop to read it. We protect all customer data against unauthorized access. We use security technology, privacy protection controls and restrictions on employee access, to safeguard your personal information. Shop SpaceWeather does not share your contact information with outside companies for their promotional use.

4. What if I do not want to send my personal information over the Internet? If you prefer not to register your products on, simply fill out the registration card provided with your product in its original packaging and send it in the mail.

If you are a registered user, we may use your e-mail address to notify you about new services or special offers available to registered users or about other Shop SpaceWeather products or those of our partners or affiliates. If you would prefer not to receive this information, simply indicate your contact preferences during the registration process. Although we respect and honor the privacy preferences you have expressed, we may nevertheless contact you to inform you of specific changes that may impact your ability to use this service or for other critical non-marketing purposes, such as bug alerts. We may also contact you to respond to your specific requests or to clarify the order information you provided to us.

5. Does Shop SpaceWeather protect my e-mail address too? We use your e-mail address to provide fast Customer Service communications and other services. Shop SpaceWeather protects your e-mail information the same way it protects all identifiable customer information. In order to provide you with customer service, we ask for your name and e-mail address. We may use your contact information in order to contact you regarding service updates or specific support questions and may contact you for additional opportunities to provide feedback on our products and services.

6. Will Shop SpaceWeather share my information with any third parties? Shop SpaceWeather and its subsidiaries may exchange customer information with each other to fulfill your requests or to provide you with information about other products or services. In some cases, we will employ or work with service providers such as consultants, temporary workers, third party software developers or outsourcers to complete a business process or provide a service on our behalf. For example, we may use service providers to deliver products, offer online software applications or send e-mails. When we employ service providers, we may need to share your personally identifiable information. Service providers are strictly prohibited from using your personally identifiable information for purposes other than to act on our behalf.


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