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Own a Meteorite!
They came from outer space--and you can have one! Genuine meteorites are now on sale in the Space Weather Store.
Each one is sold separately and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.
Spaceweather Jewelry
Meteorite Sets
An excellent way to get started in meteorite collecting.
Jiddat al Harasis Meteorites
Jiddat al Harasis Meteorites
Sikhote-Alin Meteorites
Shrapnel-like specimens from the 1947 fall in Russia. Iron. Coarse Octahedrite (IIAB)
Celestial art from one of the most sought-after Pallasites; sliced thin with olivine crystals easily visible. Stony-Iron. Pallasite.
NWA Sample Bags
North West Africa Stone Chondrite. Location not determined by Berbers who picked these up; their mistake and your good fortune!
Etter Meteorites
Large slices from the Etter main mass.
Henbury Meteorites
Beautiful Iron Meteorites from the Northern Territories of Australia. Medium Octahedrite (IIIA)
Lunar Meteorites
A fragment of the Moon! Delivered to Earth via an impact on the Moon.
Mundrabilla Meteorites
Fragments from the largest meteor in Australia. Known as the Mundrabilla Meteor, it fell to Earth over one million years ago.
North African Meteorites
Nice whole meteorites from the Northwest Africa 869 fall.
Libyan Desert Glass
Tektites are natural glassy rocks which were formed by impacts of large meteorites on the Earth.
Moldavite Tektite
Tektite from the Czech Republic; beautiful green translucent color.
Mineral Samples from Earth
Minerals from Planet Earth! Minerals enhance any space rock collection.
Martian Meteorites
A fragment of Mars! Delivered to Earth via an impact on Mars.
Asteroid Meteorite Fragments
A fragment of the asteroid Vesta, called Bilanga. One of the very few meteorites paired to a specific asteroid.
Geodes and Fossils
A nice collection of Geodes and Fossils.
Dalgety Downs Meteorites
An Australian stony. This is a very rare meteorite! Stone. Chondrite. (L4)
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Falling Stars - A Guide to Meteors and Meteorites
Price: $16.95
Falling Stars - A Guide to Meteors and Meteorites
Written by Mike D. Reynolds, this book provides a straightforward, thorough look at all aspects of meteors and meteorites. 2nd edition.
Cosmic Killer?
Price: $69.00
Cosmic Killer?
An Earth Science CSI Kit developed by Dr. Mike Reynolds.
Night Sky Network’s Rocks from Space Kit
Price: $39.00
Night Sky Network’s Rocks from Space Kit
The “Meteorite or Meteorwrong” activity.
Turn your iPhone or iPod into a field-tested satellite tracker. Click here for more information about this application.

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